What is CloudLinux hosting?

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22 June 2021
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We are talking about shared hosting with increased security and performance thanks to CloudLinux (CentOS-based operating system)

There are different types of hosting services (Shared, Cloud and VPS…). Most hosting services on the Internet offer space on shared servers with other users because it is cheaper (but not all of them have CloudLinux as OS). CloudLinux is an operating system that incorporates tools to isolate each account, within the shared hosting server, reinforcing security and stability.

CloudLinux provides Stability (avoiding consumption peaks), Security (protecting from attacks through virtualisation) and Performance (offering detailed reports). In addition, it allows the user to select the PHP version and module according to their needs.

CloudLinux, combined with LiteSpeed and SSD disks, allows for a faster and more secure website.

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What is CloudLinux hosting?
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